ME is a consulting group focused on bringing the very best in marine operational, technical, analytical skills to clients in the maritime and off shore industry and related business area.
By bringing expertise tailored to each job we are typically more cost effective. Assisting clients with compliance requirements, investigations and various operational consultancy services, we work with all parties to effectively reach goals while reducing costs.
Working closely with our clients our aim is to forge long term relationships built on trust, confidence and integrity by applying a flexible approach and tailoring services to specific needs of the clients. We are in business first and foremost to do a good job and to absolutely satisfy our customers.We do this by striving to be better than our competitors by constantly improving and innovating.
Our management team is comprised of leading industry experts who have served as Marine Engineers, Nautical Inspectors, Naval Architects, and Marine Surveyors.
Dedication, professionalism and the highest standards in the fulfillment of our quality policy are the focal points of our dealings in our relationship with the Maritime Community and our customers.
Maritime Expertise (ME) comprehensive range of activities can be summarized as follows:
  • Tanker & Bulk Carrier Vetting
  • TMSA Audits & Assessments
  • Off Shore Vsl CMID / OVID
  • Risk Management Services
  • Surveys and Investigations
  • Audits and Inspections
  • Flag State Inspections
  • DP Annual Trials / Insp
  • FEMA & FEMCA Trials
  • Maritime Consultancy
  • Engineering Expertise
  • Design Solutions
  • Bunker Survey.