Rightship Insp. (Dry/Wet)

ME may require a physical inspection of a vessel by experienced inspectors before it will consider recommending the vessel to our customers. The inspection result informs the vetting and selection process of our customers.


A ME inspection provides a validation of a vessel’s condition and the application of its management system. The observations of Inspectors feed back into the vetting process, providing critical control to improve safety and inform the vetting practices of ME customers.

A vessel inspection will be required for:

  • All dry bulk vessels 8,000DWT+ at 14 years of age, and
  • Vessels needing to meet other criteria set by individual customers or when a customer requests that an inspection is undertaken.

Please note that an inspection has a 12 month validity – so from 14 years of age a vessel inspection is required every 12 months.

A vessel inspection may also be required when:

  • ME Qi rates it as a high risk vessel.
  • a detention has been recorded resulting (or likely to result) in prosecution subsequent to MARPOL or SOLAS infringement, and
  • Major repairs or modifications have been undertaken.

At customer request (normally associated with time charters), a ME  dry inspection is undertaken to obtain first-hand validation of a vessel’s condition and operational capability, and complements the scope of Port State Control, International Safety Management and Class assessments.

As of January 2018, all ME  dry inspections now include a voluntary Health and Wellness Assessment, which considers the living and working standards of the crew and the influence this can have on well being, safety and performance at work.

The ME  global team of inspectors are class certified and trained to look at the overall safe working condition of a vessel and whether it adheres to industry best practices.