Casualty Investigation

Marine Casualty Investigation
Casualties are obviously unforeseen but still demand an urgent response. Through our global network of specialist surveyors, we are able to provide that response 24/7 as well as supporting you through lengthier investigations and litigation.
When an incident takes place, the right advice is critical.
Capable of providing a round-the-clock response from our worldwide locations, we assist clients on technical matters for litigation purposes, and have advised in landmark cases.
Our specialists have acted as expert witnesses in cases involving MODUs, FPSOs, risers, moorings and marine operations, and we are now extending those services into the renewables sector.
What you get:
• H&M/P&I damage surveys and investigations.
• Preparation of damage repair specifications.
• Speed and angle-of-blow surveys.
• Loss-of-hire investigations.
• Pre-towage inspections and approvals.
• Demolition surveys and pre-risk condition surveys.
• Shipbuilders risk surveys.
• Office management risk assessment surveys.
• Expert witness and technical assistance.