The People

Maritime Expertise (ME) is run by a team of very diverse and experienced set of professionals who have their foundations  in the shipping industry. This ensures that the ‘Software’ side of the Organization is at  all  stages  focused  on the demands made by the Marine Industry. This is so that the client gets a service & product that has great value as a management tool that is effective and contemporary.
The Maritime Expertise (ME) team includes Master Mariners & Chief Engineers, IT Professionals & Quality Auditors, Business Managers, Electronics Engineers & Human Resource Professionals. A complete & robust team indeed. All the consultants and inspectors have extensive seagoing experience, and each has served in command of a variety of ship types. Drawing on both their seagoing experiences and their knowledge in the marine/cargo inspection & surveying field, our personnel are qualified to provide clients with a very professional and expert service set.
The well qualified ex-seafarers and industry professionals with global experience and a working knowledge of all types of marine vessels provide for a very reliable and accurate service. Clients benefit from a breadth of experience, all inspection and survey reports being internally reviewed before completion. Our inspectors and surveyors are professional, knowledgeable and competent in their fields, producing reliable work of high calibre and presentation.
We are passionate about improving performance and safety through providing our customers & partners with the best practical solution.
Maritime Expertise (ME) consultants and inspectors are kept up to date with the latest industry requirements through a continuous information dissemination process, regular refresher courses and periodic audits of their inspection procedures. We are able to provide a vetting service tailored to meet our clients specific needs. With a totally transparent billing process, our clients are always aware of the costs.
The professional and expert advice of our experienced team of marine consultants allows you to focus on the essential elements of your core business activities. You can trust us to ensure that your cargo, claim or investigation is handled with care.
The global network of surveyors has the technical strength, knowledge and tools to achieve the precision, accuracy and results you need. Wherever in the world that may be.