Design & Engineering

Welcome to ME

“Safe Under Pressure”
ME is a small service engineering consulting company that works for industrial customers looking for high quality services without the excessive charges of a larger corporation. Unlike its bigger and better known competitors, Anderson Engineering is smaller and uniquely diversified in performing common engineering activities.

We provide engineering, consulting, design and drafting services of Pressure Vessels and piping systems.
We are experienced in other pressure vessel related work such as:
• Advanced custom configurations and components
• Specialized process applications

• Full range of pressure and service temperatures
• Nozzle, flange, baffle, hatch and doors
• TEMA Heat Exchangers
• API storage tanks
• AWWA reservoirs
• Rectangular tanks, bins, foundations and support systems

Cutting edge knowledge of the newest in pressure vessel fabrication methods, technologies, codes and construction standards assure safe, reliable, cost-effective equipment for many specialized heavy industrial applications.
Whatever the project, Anderson Engineering enhances its own professional expertise with the power of partnership to meet each client’s expectations. Our desire is to create, not only superior engineering output, but also a strong and lasting client relationships. This method has resulted in a 25-year history of personal satisfaction and a long line of successful pressure vessel related project.