3rd Party Audits / Inspections

ME team of Masters and Chief Engineers saves you from costly failed inspections by giving you independent third-party audits prior to and during your official inspection.

Our list of audits include:

  • Internal and 3rdParty Audits
    • ISO
    • ISPS
    • ISM
    • PI Clubs
  • Real Time Cargo and Navigation audits – as required by TMSA
  • Maintenance audits- ensure proper maintenance of ship
  • Safety audits – ensure safety
  • Regulation audits – ensure US and International regulations are followed
  • Standards audits – ensure industry standards are met
  • Evaluations of officers

International Safety Management Code

ME assists companies in the development and maintenance of their ISM Programs. ME has assisted several companies in the development and creation of the company’s safety Management Manuals as well as other required publications to meet industry and regulatory standards.  It provides initial company audits and assessments, writes manuals, and develops procedures and documentation. ME certified Internal ISM Auditors provide on-going internal compliance audits, and consulting services and assist companies in the training of its seagoing personnel on ISM implementation and compliance.

Tanker Manager’s Self-Assessment Program (TMSA)

ME will assist in the development of and compliance with the Oil Major’s TMSA program ME personnel will ride your vessel and perform audits such as the “Real Time Navigation Audit as required by the TMSA program. ME personnel can perform the many “in house” audits required by TMSA aboard vessels. For clients that operate bulk carriers as well as tankers and must comply with the program on bulk carriers, we can assist in this as well.